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Stefan got his start as a performer by busking on the subway platforms of Boston during his freshman year of college. Those experiences led Stefan to fellow musician Matt Nolan and, together, they formed the acoustic duo, Treehouse Union. They performed shows for the now defunct Gamelan Productions (Berkshire Mountain Music Fest) at venues like The Middle East and Harpers Ferry with bands like the Addison Groove Project, The New Deal, Moon Boot Lover and Rustic Overtones.
        In 2001, Stefan went back to doing solo acoustic shows and released his solo album, Great Big Somewhere. He toured throughout the north and southeast, as well as the west coast, playing clubs and festivals until 2003 when Stefan formed The Campfire Orchestra. He recruited Berklee graduates, Shawn Leonard on drums, Brian Brouillard on soprano, alto, and tenor sax, John “The Professor” Cooke on organ and keys and Chris Ryan on bass, who went on to play in Deer Tick.

In 2001, Stefan went back to doing solo acoustic shows. Drawing inspiration from Kerouac and Dylan lyrics. The spirit of youthful adventure awoken and the road was calling. With the release of his album, Great Big Somewhere,Stefan expanded his grassroots following by non stop gigging in bars, clubs and small theatre’s on the east and on the west coast, as well as in the south. He also opened up for such bands and singer/songwriters as Train, Ryan Montbleau, Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters, Jerry Joseph and the Jack Mormons, John Hammond, Jack Hardy and Peter Tork (The Monkees) In 2003, Stefan formed the Campfire Orchestra, to have a band to play bigger shows. What was the idea of putting together a back up band ended up becoming a brotherhood that made them all a team and really great friends. He recruited Berklee graduates John “The Professor” Cooke on organ and keys and Shawn Leonard on drums. Hart School of Music graduate, Brian Brouillard on tenor, alto and soprano saxophone and Chris Ryan on bass, who went on to play in Deer Tick. Stefan Couture and the Campfire Orchestra played relentlessly throughout the north and southeast creating a following and becoming a well loved band with a big sound and known to have really fun shows. They received multiple awards in the Providence Phoenix Readers Poll for Best Local Act, Best Local Release for their album, Ghost In The Rearview and Stefan being awarded Best Male Vocalist. Stefan was also a semi-finalist at this time in the Starbucks National Singer/Songwriting Competition for his song, Past Tense o of Ghost In The Rearview. In 2007, the Campfire Orchestra broke up and Stefan stepped away from music and only played sporadic gigs. Stepping into his 30’s, Stefan took the fork in the road that led him to a job in the film and television industry. Over the last 13 years he has been working as a Set Dresser and is a proud union member of IATSE Local 481 working on studio productions all over New England. He was just 4 days into working on a tv show for Netix when the pandemic hit and all tv and lm productions came to a grinding halt and everyone was laid off. With a crippling fear of the unknown starting to take over and having nothing but time, Stefan did what comes natural. As he did with all the other previous dark times, he found himself picking up his guitar again and for more than twenty minutes. Life simply got in the way of making music for way too long. With all this new found time, Stefan channeled that fear and anxiety into his playing. “Going through and playing all these songs I had written over the years was like climbing into a time machine and revisiting all these points of my life” says, Stefan. It was healing, therapeutic, inspiring and most importantly a distraction from all the craziness going on in the outside world. Stefan has started doing Live Streams from facebook.com/stefan.couture on most Saturday nights called, Virtual Campfire. He has also been writing songs again as well. He’s written over a dozen new songs in quarantine and currently looking to put out an EP that is currently titled, Trapdoor Companion in the near future. He’s also looking forward to getting back out there performing. Stefan is only a few pages into a whole new book of musical adventures with so many more chapters to be written. See ya out there..somewhere.

"Lately, I've been keeping my own distance..."

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