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"Lately, I've been keeping my own distance..."


Stefan Couture got his start in music as a teenager and by his twenties he was touring up and down the east coast. He played mostly acoustic  shows before settling down with a core group of local musicians who would become The Campfire Orchestra. The Campfire would grow to include Deer Tick bassist, Chris Ryan, and become a well loved band known for live performances where each musician played from their heart, reacting on stage not only to the songs Stefan wrote and sang, but also each other's performances. Drummer Shawn Leonard once said, "Sometimes I would be on stage and just be in awe of these guys around me because they are all so talented."


Stefan is playing live shows on Facebook every Saturday and is in the midst of writing a new album. Whether you join him live on Facebook, listen here, or on Spotify, one thing is for certain: Stefan's music hits the spot when you're ready to sit back and

"...let go of your soul."